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Devasting Storm: Super typhoon Pablo caused extensive damage and casualties in Mindanao December 2012...[see video]

Morning Star HELP Ministries

Making a difference in the world community...

Morning Star H.E.L.P. Ministries started with a vision to assist marginalized people of the Northern Philippines. We began with a simple building in the town of Lagangilang. Today, hundreds of people have been impacted by the outreach of Morning Star. Today we are expanding on the island of Mindanao and reaching out to indigenous tribes in the hill country of Davao Del Norte Province.

Morning Star's Mission

Building a Place of Hope in the Philippines

Our mission is summarized in four main ministries - Health, Education, Livelihood, and Peace in Jesus.

  • Health...includes free OTC medicine, Emergency Food Programs, and helping people in distress.
  • Education...includes free school supplies and college support.
  • Livelihood...includes goats, pigs, free water lines, and housing repairs.
  • Peace in Jesus...includes Vacation Bible Schools, ministry internships, outreach Bible studies, planting churches, and discipling pastors and teachers in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

To read more about our Mission and the work we do please click here.

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